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care-fully curated craft caffeine + cocktails cafe

Our founders started Edge of the Universe in 2019 with the vision of a museum cafe where the theme of the cafe changes every season.  With each new theme, we partner with local community artists, organizations, and advocates who help us bring that theme to life.


They chose the name 'Edge of the Universe' because no one is alien at the edge of the universe. And we've evolved to be the queer craft caffeine and cocktail space you see today. 


Our current theme is #dollface, inspired by the Barbiecore aesthetic. We curate each of our themes with intent and purpose - and in the wake of the rising anti-LGBTQIA sentiment in the state and the nation, we chose this theme as a statement of our stance as an unapologetically safe space.  


Penny Dreadful

This is Halloween, or at least the Halloween season.


Join us during spooky season for a theme inspired by modern interpretations of gothic fantasy and horror. Penny dreadfuls were 19th-century short serial stories available to an increasingly literate population for a penny each. 

Fall 2023

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