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Edge of the Universe, Book Club

After much demand we're starting the Edge of the Universe Book Club!

Have you always wanted to join a book club? Do you love to read? Or maybe you need motivation to read something new? Or just like to discuss books? OR you're like us and just want another reason to hang out at your favorite magical cafe?!

Whatever the reason we're glad to have you - you don't even have to have read anything to come hang out on book club night.

How this works is instead of everyone reading the same book we read the same genres or themes each month and then meet together to compare notes. Come alone, or with friends, or with strangers. We meet the third Thursday of every month and discuss our readings.

Image by Valentina Ivanova

December 15, 7pm

"Winter Festival" Find a book about a winter tradition or event.

New Year Sign

January 19, 7pm

New years New you - find a book with either 'New' or 'You' in the title

Old Alarm Clock

February 16, 7pm

For the Love of 20's - find a book either written in the 1920's or about the 20's